Business Fees

Fee TypeAmount
NSF Fee$25.00 per item.
Stop Payment$25.00 per request.
ACH Non-Post Fee$5.00 per occurrence.
Check PrintingPrices may vary depending on style.
Check Copy$1.00 per item.
Returned Deposit$2.00 per item.
Statement Copy$ 2.00 per statement
Account Reconciliation$12.00 per hour, plus copy fee.
Account Research$12.00 per hour, plus copy fee.
Account Printout$2.00 per printout.
Collection Item$20.00 per item.
Disposable Night Bags20 free bags per month. $.10 for each additional bag.
Wire (Incoming)$15.00 per transfer.
Wire (Outgoing)$15.00 per transfer.
Wire (International)$35.00 per transfer.
Code Wire$8.00 per transfer.
Official Check$3.00 per check.
Money Order$2.00 per money order.
Draft Charge$ .10 per item.
Checks Received Charge$ .08 per item.
On Us Item Charge$ .05 per item.
Inactive Account Fee$ 3.00 per month after two years of inactivity.
Escheat Account Processing Fee$60.00
Debit Card Expedited Processing Fee$60.00
Visa Debit/Credit Card Replacement Fee$ 5.00 per card.

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

    - We do not charge for any ATM transactions conducted by Robins Financial member's at Robins Financial ATMs.
    - Visa Check Card/Visa Credit Card Replacement card fee of $5.00 per card, for lost or stolen card.
    - $1.00 fee will be charged for each transaction conducted on any ATM machine other than Robins Financial Credit Union machines.
    - ATM Research fee of $12.00 per hour, plus copy fee.
    - ACH Stop Payment fee of $25.00 per request.
    - ACH NSF fee of $25.00.
    - ACH Manual Post fee $5.00.
    - ACH Debit charge $ .10.
    - ACH Credit charge $ .08.
    - ACH Orig Debit charge $ .10.
    - ACH Orig Credit charge $ .08.
    - ACH Overdraft fee of $3.00.

Fees are subject to change.