Help Create More Miracles

Mitchell has always been a pretty healthy kid except for the usual sickness and few stitches here and there. He is an avid baseball player. It’s Mitchell’s favorite sport. During spring practice, Mitchell was practicing pitching and throwing drills where he was hit in the head by the baseball. The EMT’s were called and after they checked him they said everything looked okay but his mother, Miss Upshaw, thought otherwise. As Mitchell’s mother was talking to him on the phone, she knew that he did not sound well. His words were slurring and she knew that he needed to go to the emergency room. They took him to the Pediatric Emergency Room at Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health where he would later be admitted. “When I walked in the doors of the Pediatric ER, I didn’t know what was going to happen, I had so much anxiety, but when I saw the doctors and staff, I knew I was at home,” said Missi. The doctor looked at the CT scan and told the Upshaw’s that Mitchell was suffering from a skull fracture. They knew that it would be more than just a concussion. Mitchell stayed for observation and was released. However, Mitchell wasn’t released by the neurosurgeon to play baseball until the following summer. “You hope and pray you never have to use the Children’s Hospital,” said Missi. “When it happened I was so grateful that it was there.”

During the month of May, Robins Financial Credit Union has partnered with the Children’s Miracle Network to raise money during what we are calling Miracle May. Help us meet or exceed our $25,000 fundraising goal, to help kids like Mitchell receive the treatment they need:

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