• Tips for Buying a Car

    Next to buying a home, buying a new car is often the second most expensive purchase a person will make in their lifetime. Being prepared during the buying process will ensure you make a decision that is best for you and your situation. Here are our top tips for buying or leasing a new or new-to-you vehicle:

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  • How to Get an Auto Loan from a Credit Union

    When it comes to purchasing a car and getting a loan, buyers naturally tend to think of borrowing from a big bank first. The other common alternative is to get financing directly from the car dealer. However, there is a third option that does not get nearly enough attention: the credit union.

    Credit unions may actually be the best source for an auto loan. Here are a few reasons why this is true. Loans from credit unions are among the most competitive loans available. If you need to borrow money, it is worth including a local credit union as you shop around.

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  • Buying Your First Car? Make It Smoother With These Tips

    Buying your very first car is a big milestone. Sure it’s exciting...but it's also pretty intimidating, because your options seem limitless. (And those price tags are so high!) Luckily, buying your first car is not as hard as it seems. You just need to arm yourself with the right information.

    Determine Your Budget

    The first thing to do, even before car searching, is to establish a realistic budget. Take into account warranties, maintenance, and even gas. You may think that the new Audi A3 is trendy and perfect, but the premium gas it requires may hurt your wallet.

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  • Financing A Manufactured Or Modular Home

    If you are in the market to purchase a new home, a manufactured home can be a cost-effective option. These homes are prefabricated, built in a factory, and then moved to a site. Manufactured homes are increasing in popularity and are often cheaper than site built homes. It is a cost-effective approach whether you are buying brand new or purchasing a resale property, but there are a few things you should know about manufactured home financing.

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  • New Home Construction Tips

    Building a new home for the first time can be confusing and frustrating. What do I need to do first? Where do I go? Whom do I contact to get the job done right? The following is a general checklist to get you started:

    Financing Your New House

    In order for you to get a home construction loan, there are certain financing steps you will have to take:

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  • Financing a Home Construction Loan

    Building a dream home from the ground up is a common goal for many people. However, with building a home comes the need to secure financing. When it comes to financing, the smoother the process is the better. So, what are the basics when you are thinking of getting a home construction loan?

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  • Know Your Budget Before You Build Your Dream Home

    The very first step in planning the construction of a new home is the construction budget. Developing a preliminary budget spells out the allocation of funds for your project in broad terms.

    Knowing your spending limits and developing a home building budget will go a long way towards keeping you out of financial trouble on your project, especially during the preparation of your plans and specifications. Your final "working" budget will be developed when you complete the cost estimating process.

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  • Building or Buying Your Next Home

    When the time comes to buy a home, you will be faced with a number of critical decisions. Mainly among these is the choice between buying a newly built home or purchasing an existing property.

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  • How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

    You probably don’t think too much about your credit cards on a daily basis, except when you need to pull them out to make a purchase. However, credit card fraud can and does happen, and being conscious of this possibility happening to you is a wise approach. Technology has helped make the world more accessible than ever before. Unfortunately, that also includes the fraudsters.

    From shredding documents to being careful about online purchases, there are steps you can take to avoid credit card fraud. Here are some helpful tips:

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  • Benefits of Balance Transfers

    Many of us begin with “starter” credit cards when we want to build credit as young adults. However, as we establish our credit history and build up our savings, lenders become more open to giving us credit cards that offer competitive rates and other perks like rewards for spending. The benefits of transferring your existing debt to these cards – like the ones offered at Robins Financial Credit Union – include:

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