• Which Type of Mortgage is Right for You?

    The idea of taking out a loan to purchase a house can be intimidating. Many first-time homebuyers don't even know where to start. At Robins Financial Credit Union, we offer our members a variety of mortgage types, so you can choose the one that fits you and your financial situation. Before you get started, here is a quick resource to help you figure out what it all means.

    Let’s start with the most basic and popular mortgage.

  • How Much Home Can You Afford

    When you rent a home, no one asks questions or verifies whether or not you can afford to pay rent – other than confirming your employment and perhaps a credit check. Buying a home is very different. Because you’re typically borrowing a large amount of money, your lender will ask many questions and request even more proof to determine whether or not you can realistically afford to purchase a home. So, what will they take into consideration?

  • The Home Mortgage Process

    Buying a home can be both exciting and daunting. Working with our team of professionals makes the home-buying process easy for members, so you can feel confident and enjoy the journey to home ownership.
    Here’s what you can expect each step of the way.


    Whether you have a specific property in mind or not, we’ll help you get off to a good start. Our experts will take the time to understand your individual budget and needs, then we will help you decide what you can afford and get your loan application started.

  • Debit & Credit Card Security

    Credit and debit card fraud involves the unauthorized use of another person's card information to make purchases from their account or access their funds. Protecting yourself from card fraud is a primary concern for many consumers. As thieves become more technologically advanced and information is more readily available than ever, the frequency of exposure is accelerating.

    At Robins Financial Credit Union, we are committed to keeping your information safe and helping to prevent card fraud before it happens.

  • When to Use Credit vs. Debit

    People are paying with plastic a lot these days, even for small purchases. The question is which kind of plastic is best? People tend to have strong opinions about debit versus credit cards.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to using debit and credit, so it is important to consider these before inserting your card into the card reader or swiping it.

  • Applying for Your First Credit Card

    Credit cards are everywhere. Offered by financial institutions, retailers and other companies, a credit card can be a very convenient form of payment when you do not have cash available. Building credit history is a great step to cultivate your financial independence. However, for young adults starting out on their own, the first thing you should do is learn about credit cards before applying for one.

  • What to Know About Credit Card Fees

    Using credit cards has its pros and cons. One of the least favorite thing about credit cards are the fees that come along with them. However, among the most common fees they charge, there’s not a single one you can’t avoid.

    The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, or CARD Act, helped make sure of that. Since the law’s 2009 inception, consumers no longer have to worry about “any time, any reason” interest-rate hikes and hair-trigger penalties.

  • Making Online Bill Paying Easier

    With so many bills to pay each month people are opting to save time by paying their bills through online accounts and mobile apps. Online bill payment, a service offered by most financial institutions, makes it easier to organize and pay your bills. In addition to the convenience of paying bills from your own computer day or night, you will save the cost of a stamp.

  • Tips for Buying a Car

    Next to buying a home, buying a new car is often the second most expensive purchase a person will make in their lifetime. Being prepared during the buying process will ensure you make a decision that is best for you and your situation. Here are our top tips for buying or leasing a new or new-to-you vehicle:

  • How to Get an Auto Loan from a Credit Union

    When it comes to purchasing a car and getting a loan, buyers naturally tend to think of borrowing from a big bank first. The other common alternative is to get financing directly from the car dealer. However, there is a third option that does not get nearly enough attention: the credit union.

    Credit unions may actually be the best source for an auto loan. Here are a few reasons why this is true. Loans from credit unions are among the most competitive loans available. If you need to borrow money, it is worth including a local credit union as you shop around.