• What Is GAP Insurance?

    Accidents happen. However, what happens if your car is totaled but its value is less than the amount you still owe on your auto loan? It is called a coverage gap and you may have to pay the difference out of pocket.

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  • How to Start Shopping for Auto Insurance

    Once you have decided how much car insurance you need, it is time to begin shopping. Auto insurance policies vary widely depending on your car, your driving record and your credit, so it is wise to do some research.

    Many times, people end up selecting an insurance provider based on whom their family or friends use. However, when you are shopping around, you should have a general idea of what questions to ask when speaking with an insurance agent. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself when comparing different insurance providers:

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  • How Much Insurance Do You Need on Your Auto

    You probably do not need to spend a lot of money on a Personal Injury Protection policy. You should be covered if you have health insurance and disability insurance through your employer. Just buy the required minimum.

    You do need to make sure you have adequate coverage against uninsured and under-insured drivers. It is relatively inexpensive in most states and if you are in a collision with an uninsured driver it will help cover the costs your health insurance will not. If you have decided to carry BIL for $100,000/$300,000, do the same for yourself.

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  • What You Need to Know About Credit Utilization

    Your credit score plays an important role in your financial journey. Credit score health depends on a number of factors—one of which is credit utilization. This number measures your debt to credit ratio and accounts for 30 percent of your credit score. As a major component of credit scoring, you cannot afford to ignore its importance.

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  • Classic Checking Account Benefits

    Robins Financial offers straightforward checking accounts for your everyday needs. We offer a variety of checking account types so you can find one tailored to meet your specific needs. Below are just some of the benefits received by members who have a Classic Checking account with us.

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  • How to Make Homebuyers Fall in Love with Your House

    Homebuyers are not looking for “a” home, they are looking for “their” home. As a seller, you will want to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and make buyers fall in love with your home. Buyers do not buy homes; they buy the feeling they get when they are looking at a home. One of the most important things you can remember is that buying a house is as much an emotional decision as an intellectual one. Smart sellers will leverage this information to make small changes that will help you sell your home quickly and for the highest price.

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  • What You Need to Know about the Equifax Data Breach

    You have probably heard a lot of information lately about a major data breach with Equifax. This data breach affected millions of Americans, so Robins Financial Credit Union wants to make sure our members are aware of the situation and help them stay informed.

    Here is what you need to know:

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