Visa Credit Cards

We are on a mission to deliver better banking to everyone. We’ve partnered with Visa® to offer you premium purchasing power for everyday needs, shopping, travel, and more. Accepted worldwide, our Visa® Credit and Debit cards are an excellent way to save time and money! And, we offer many convenient payment options to make your life even easier!

The Purchasing Power and Prestige You Deserve.

A Robins Financial Credit Union Visa® Platinum Rewards is one of the best credit cards you can carry. Accepted worldwide, enjoy a low, non-variable rate on our Visa® Credit Cards. Plus, eligible members with an active Visa® Platinum Rewards card can view their FICO® Score for free in Digital Banking.




So what are you waiting for? Check out our rates and Credit Card Agreement. Apply online, at one of our branches, or by phone at 478-923-3773 or toll free 800-241-2405.

Money MyWay® Visa® is a great first step toward establishing a good credit history, which is crucial for obtaining favorable rates on future loans, renting your own apartment and getting low insurance premiums. This card is designed for members 18-26 with features such as:

  • Competitive low rates for purchases and cash advances
  • Credit limits up to $5,000 ($1,000 for students)
  • No annual fee or balance transfer fee
  • Zero liability for unauthorized charges
  • Register your card with Visa® Secure Remote Commerce, for secure and convenient online purchasing power
  • Enhanced security with our chip-enabled card technology

Plus, you're covered by the added protection of Visa®:

  • Zero Liability for unauthorized charges*
  • Continuous fraud monitoring for suspicious activity
  • Precautions to help with Identity Theft
  • Security code that helps merchants verify your identity when you make Internet and phone purchases




So what are you waiting for? Check out our rates and Credit Card Agreement. Apply online, at one of our branches, or by phone at 478-923-3773 or toll free 800-241-2405.

*Visa® liability guidelines apply; see a member service representative for details.

With our Business Visa® credit card, you can expect higher limits and valuable benefits such as:

For detailed information on the benefits you receive with your Robins Financial Business Platinum Visa Card, please click here.

If you are ready to apply, contact Business Services at 478-923-3773 x.2240. Our goal is to make your transition to Robins Financial simple and painless.

*Annual Percentage Rate.

**Please see the Business Account Rate and Fee Schedule for Overdraft Protection Fee information.