Stay up to date with your account activity with FREE account alerts instantly delivered to your inbox. You can receive e-Alerts via email or as an MMS message to your mobile phone.

Registration is easy! You may activate and manage your e-Alerts from your Digital Banking account.

To sign up for e-Alerts, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to your Digital Banking account
  • Select e-Alerts from the menu at the left side of the page
  • Select the Add e-Alert icon
  • Complete the Default Settings page
  • Select the event you wish to be notified about
  • Click Continue
  • Fill out the necessary fields of information. (You may choose to have e-Alerts sent up to 3 email addresses, or up to 2 cell phone addresses. If you wish to have e-Alerts sent as an MMS message to your mobile phone, simply enter the email address of your mobile phone in the Cell Phone Address field).
  • Click Continue

You will then see that the e-Alert has been added. To add more alerts, simply click on the Add e-Alert icon and follow the same steps. You may add, delete, or change your e-Alerts' default settings at any time.

Adding e-Alerts to your account will keep you up to date instantly when something occurs on your account. Sign up today or view our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.