Bill Pay

Robins Financial's free Bill Pay can simplify your life. You can pay all your bills online with just the click of a mouse. Pay bills online and on time. Just tell us who, when and how much to pay, and we will take care of the rest.

Bill Pay features include:

  • Make one time payments, or set up future and recurring payments for all your bills
  • Set up and edit your payee list with ease
  • Online calendar tool helps you schedule your payments
  • eBills – see your payment amount and due date for all eBills eligible vendors

View our Bill Pay Demo to see how easy it is. Sign up by simply logging in to Digital Banking and selecting “Enroll in Bill Pay” in the top right corner from the homepage.

Payees that are not eligible for payment through this service include governmental agencies, including but not limited to, the Internal Revenue Service, all state and local tax authorities, collection agencies, as well as recipients of court-ordered payments like child support or alimony. However, payments to government agencies for utilities such as water are permitted. Also not eligible for payment are any organizations or individuals outside of the United States.